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The Current Best

This month's best paint jobs:

From Mike Thomas:              How did he do that? ;-)

From Jacob McCoy :

From Jeeper2:


If you think you can do better than these, then send em in.

For inspiration, check out the Gallery of Previous Winners.


Snapshot contest

Ok! We're looking for the vehicle with the best 3rd Party Model paint job. For details on 3rd Party Models read the FAQ and Links pages.


  • Must be a 3rd Party Model.
  • Two snapshots per person maximum.
  • Custom parts are not required, but they look cooler.
  • You must send the snapshots from a valid e-mail address.
  • Decals are great, but real men paint by hand. Make sure you get the latest updates to allow you to paint fine details in Software mode.

This page will be updated periodically with the three best snapshots that we've received.

If yours is one of the best, we'll post you'e snapshot on this page along with your name and e-mail address.

So send in those snapshots!

How do I send in snapshots?










Sending snapshots the easy way
When configured properly, Gearhead Garage allows you to simply choose which snapshot you want to enter. It will then automatically generate an e-mail message to be sent to us. To do this, start Gearhead Garage, choose "Internet Features", then "Contests", then click "Choose Snapshot". See the Gearhead Garage Help files for information on how to enable the e-mail features.


Sending snapshots the hard way

If you are unable to get Gearhead Garage's e-mail features working, you'll need to manually send an e-mail to us with the snapshot attached.

Snapshots are stored as regular graphics images (.jpg) inside the "GearheadGarage\Data\Snapshots" folder. So if you installed Gearhead Garage in it's default location, you can go here to access the snapshots.

C:\Program Files\HeadGames\GearheadGarage\Data\Snapshots

You will need to find the snapshot you want to enter in the contest, then attach it to an e-mail addressed to See the instructions for your e-mail program if you need more information on how to attach files.


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